Friday, February 23, 2018

Slice of Life


Because I forgot last week, here are Carol's posts on our outings together.
Drone photos
Morning in La Noria
Last Thursday afternoon

Six Word Saturday

We headed to Centro with a vague plan in mind.

Waiting for the bus. It's usually the green bus but any bus that says Sabalo Centro will get you there and back.

This bus showed local ads as well as music videos, no sound. It takes about thirty minutes to get to the market.

The bus into town stops on the street behind the market i.e. a block away from the church. Coming back it is in front of the market on the street that runs along the side of the church.
Streets are generally one way in the historico district.

However, the street that the bus normally would drop you off is still under construction. So we are dropped off two blocks further.

Near the market the streets are very busy and there are many stores where you can buy everything and anything.

First we pay a visit to the shrimp ladies. I've written about them before, here and here. No purchases today.

Then by the flower market.

They've done a lot of work in the historical area improving the sidewalks by widening them and replacing all the lighting. But that didn't happen in this area.
The saying is "look down before you look up".

Never mind looking out for the other obstacles like knocking your eye out or bashing your head. Then there are the steps, high curbs, and sudden drops. All the fun!

Then the sausage shop. Gluten free is clearly marked.

Headed back towards the Malecon and stepped into the courtyard of the Belmar Hotel.

Ethika Gallery.

These are the new and improved sidewalks, look fabulous.

The YELLOW building again.

Back to the market to pick up a few things, a bunch of cilantro, green pepper and onion for $2.

Fajitas for dinner with flank steak, which was a bit tough but then I don't have all my staples to marinade with.

Inspired Sunday
Shadow Shot Sunday
One Word Sunday

After a big breakfast and knowing we were going to dinner early we decided to spend some pool time.

Bill and Carol picked us up at 5:30 and we headed to Plazuela Machado to meet Paco, who works at Torres and his wife and daughter.

Also Rafael performing was also part of the plan.

We ate at Casa Canobbio and John proclaimed this the best steak he's ever had in Mazatlan.

My ham pizza was ok but nothing compared to the one Bill had last week at Rio Condotti.


Carol took this photo check out her drone shots of Ice Box Hill.

You can see how they lit up the sidewalks.

The parking lot!

Monday Mural
Foto Tunes

Was a very overcast day all day so a good day for groceries. I thought it was a non-photo day but we did do some.

Me, choosing my pastries and then taking them to be priced.

The top bread is cilantro, then garlic along with brown and onion.

Meat counter. It's always fun going grocery shopping.

Groceries into the back of the pulmonia.

Leaving the parking lot.

The weekly welcome party is on. I went down to see the mariachis and obviously John was watching from the balcony.

Tuesday Treasures

Another cloudy one. No worries. But for people who are only here for a week it is unfortunate. The resort is full with families as it was a short school/work week in the States and Canada due to a holiday on Monday.

Dinner at the Palapa  with Bill and Carol to see Rafael once again.

John and Bill had chicken fajitas. I had delicious eggplant Parmesan but the photo was too blurry. Carol had chicken with mushroom sauce.

This woman asked Bill up to dance and he gladly obliged.

Server making Spanish coffee for the next table.


We're out and waiting for the bus at 8:30 and got just after the Fisherman's Monument on the Malecon.

I love watching the fishing boats come in and obviously the frigate like their free meal!

Can't get any fresher than this!

Unusual lobster colours.

We walk up a street we have never taken from the Malecon to breakfast. Many houses for sale in the area, all requiring work.

Belisario Dominguez

Damn sidewalks! And the street has just been re-tarred.

This one is being worked on.

Back at Via Condotti for a full English breakfast. Service is always slow so just relax and enjoy sitting in the sunshine.

The eggs might look hard, but they were perfect.

We need to walk this off.

CONSTRUCTION everywhere!

John's feet.

A bathroom break with a view, in the Freeman Hotel.

Then a bus ride home.

John went over to see Gilberto's painting job at Bill and Carol's, it should be finished on Thursday.

Click here for Carol's post on dinner Wednesday and the paint job.

Sunset on a cool evening as John had his cigar and drink.

Dinner simple - leftover spaghetti.

Thursday Doors

WOW it was a cloudy, cold and windy day. Sweat shirts all around.

So we lounged around, stayed in and had lunch, read and watched movies. Not a bad day at all!

And then the sunset was glorious!

Hamburgers for dinner.

Weekend Reflections
Weekly Roundup

Sun out this morning but still windy.
Carol had mentioned that Gilberto was painting at Machado today and then messaged that they couldn't go as the van needed a clear coat paint and that it was at the Art Gallery at 10.
Carol posted photos of the RV being completed.

So we took a pulmonia down and they were getting set up. So we went for a latte at Looney Bean and sat by the ocean.

John, in doorway, waiting for our order.

My Looney Bean.

Perfect for photos.

We wondered why there was such a lot of military vehicles as we drank our coffee. Cadets and soldiers in some sort of display with music and speeches.

Glorieta Sanchez Taboada (cliff divers)

Getting videos of the diver.

Yes, it's windy!

We wandered back to the Art Gallery to see how it was going.


Then lunch at Fish Market.

John's mahi-mahi grilled - delicious!

Absolutely perfect ahi tuna salad!

Chasing pigeons.

Got back and it got overcast and cool again!


Book Store Mazatlan


An American Marriage a too-true story of life.

The Kind Worth Killing definitely worth the read!

The Patron Saint of Liars a bot lukewarm, hard to like main character and in the end a little boring.

I Don't Know How She Does It chick lit - fun read. Working mother juggles everything! First time reading this author.

I Think I Love You by the same author as above but a far better read. A far better developed storyline. It involved some real events that I did not know about.

The Girl Next Door not a typical Ruth Rendell but still enjoyable. Not so much mystery as a meditation on love and aging. Anything I say about the characters would be spoilers.


Her Every Fear same author as The Kind Worth Killing, above. Again a better defined plot.

Weekend Cooking hosted by


  1. Your night shots, with the recessed lighting, are my favourites here.

  2. LOVE your colorful photos -- a great antidote to our gray weather in the Pacific Northwest. The more I see of Mazatlan, the more I want to visit there.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  3. I say this all the time, but it's true: I love how colorful Mazatlan is. And, whoa, on the sidewalks, good thing they're repairing them. Love the night shots! And, of course, your food shots always make me feel hungry!

  4. The colours are so vibrant, and the food so enticing!!

  5. The colours are so vibrant and the food looks amazing!

  6. What an amazing place Jackie. Those sunsets that you captured are just beautiful and I LOVE the paint job that Gilberto did on the RV!

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Hope to see you Monday :)

  7. The night time shots are lovely, Jackie. :) :) I can't bear to look at food because we're just back from a lovely meal out with our walking friends.

  8. That lit building at night is so beautiful! Jikes, I understand why you first have to look down, before up! Scrumptious treats to eat:) So many things to see here - a beautiful post Jackie, and thanjs for sharing Mazatlan with All Seasons! Have a great week:)

  9. The portions of food are generous, I love the look of that mahi mahi. I am a clumsy person so I would need to watch out for those sidewalks! Looks like you are having a great time.


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