Friday, March 3, 2017

La Noria

March 2017 - La Noria Mexico

Around 9:15 we hopped into a pulmonia and went over the the RV park Las Jaibas where Bill and Carol stay.

The gorgeous bougainvilleas were in bloom.

We ended up with 3 other couples following Bill to La Noria. We've been there several times but it is nice.

Love the arches when entering these towns. In 2016 this was blue, in the post above.

This town has been around since 1565 and was mining area for many years.

We stopped at the ironmonger who was working and one guy placed an order for some hooks, a dozen in the shape of an S. They will be ready on Saturday. Carol figures they can find the way, make a left and then a right.

Bill, helping with placing the order for the hooks.

Then to the leather maker, who has made John several belts over the years and another guy had his leather sandals fixed. 

I bought one of these painted slingshots for $70 pesos about $5, think it will look cute hanging on the wall in my Mexican kitchen.

John, sneaking a shot of me.

 Some outside shots.

The registrar's office, I just missed a new baby being taken in to be registered. So much nicer than a dreary grey office building.

The museum has never been open when we have been here.

The tortilla maker was not working but was later when we drove by as we were leaving. There are photos in the linked posts above.

Sitting outside the meat shop, not cooking anything today.

A sidewalk memorial.

 Then across to the shoemaker, one of the guys buys a whip, I have no idea why.
We sat outside in the town square in the shade.

The lights in the square.

You can hear the laughter of the children in school close by.

It is at least ten degrees F warmer than in Mazatlan, being inland. John walks to the tienda and gets a bottle of water.

A local checking out our crowd at the shoe maker.

Making deliveries.

 Interesting house.

 Back in the car we drive to the town of of Puerto Canoas, population 345.

This is where they make the sweet little candies that can be found in many shops around Mazatlan. I bought two boxes of the ones with the nuts.

This is dulce de leche or milk fudge.

Mix milk, sugar, butter, salt, and vanilla in a large heavy pan and bring to boil. Add brown sugar and stir until it dissolves. Continue cooking and stirring mixture over medium heat until it reaches soft ball stage. Stir until thick enough (as for fudge).

Add nuts if desired.

Piping them out.

Random shots of the town.
Some type of bean.

Avocado or guava???

This is a papaya tree.

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  1. It's that dragon light fixture that really catches my eye.

  2. Time to go home? You certainly had a good trip, Jackie (and I love that dragon light too). Many thanks for linking. Happy homecoming!

  3. These photos remind me of Greece where it gets too hot to do anything and then everyone closes down for a siesta. I guess they have that in Mexico. Lots of lovely color to the area.

  4. I love bougainvilleas, especially in the spring. We have a lot here in Southern California.

  5. Heard so much of San Antonia (lived in TX during my college time) - ah so full of life -I think I could live there:):) Many thanks for sharing real life in San Antonia with ALL SEASONS! Have great travels this week!

  6. It looks like an interesting landscape and some photos are familiar as we have some almost like scenes. The thumbnail told me you were in a tropical country as that is a normal flower here, everywhere! However, i don't know that fruit you asked if it is guava or avocado. It is neither, but i don't know what! hehe

  7. It's always fun to go on your adventures with you via your photos!

  8. This looks like a fun place for photos. It's a whole different world from our everyday life.

  9. So many gorgeous colours against the very bluest of sky - I love it!

  10. I love how you captured the culture of your trip. You really have a knack for that. Thanks for linking to Life Thru the Lens, I really enjoy your space here.

    lisa @ Life Thur the Lens


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