Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rochester NY (some) Murals

I'm linking up at Monday Mural hosted by Oakland Daily Photo.

July 2016 - Rochester NY

Inspired by Tom The Backroads Traveler's murals of Rochester we drove down to investigate. They are spread around town so armed with their website directions we took the car and GPS.

These are some of my favourites I haven't posted elsewhere. I was amazed that none of the murals were defaced in any way with tagging.

You can find Martin Luther King here done by Case also.

Number one on my list was the Kodak Girl.

Case is the alias of Andreas von Chrzanowski an artist from the German graffiti scene who was born and raised East Germany. As early as 1995, he began painting with spray cans, and he uses this medium to make photorealistic images of body forms and portraits. Case is one of four members of the Maclaim Crew, founded in the year 2000. Maclaim is known for having established photorealistic works with spray cans in Germany. Case’s artistry usually includes people or the human body. He removes them from their normal environments, changes them, and then displays them within a new context.

Also by Case.

Girl in Red Dress

Jarus is a Canadian artist who uses the techniques of the old masters with the tools of street art and graffiti to illegally and legally convey figures and portraits. His works ask questions about what people previously believed possible and relevant.

Jimi Hendrix

Born and raised in West Baltimore, Ernest Shaw Jr is a product of Baltimore City Public Schools. Ernest has a B.A. from Morgan State, and M.F.A. from Howard University. Ernest’s images attempt to combat negative stereotypes of peoples of color. Honoring his ancestral lineage, community and family is most important to the artist. The artist believes that art must be used as a tool/weapon against oppression of any kind.

“Commerce is swifter than culture” is a repeat pattern of the xerox tower, the aqueduct building, and the mercury figure that dominates the Rochester landscape in eight and a half by eleven format.

My husband went hunting for this one while I was photographing another.

Toronto-based street artist Elicser’s stylized portraits are a staple of his city’s downtown graffiti scene. The artist achieves an impressive, equally-gritty-and-soft, painterly effect while jamming out surreal scenes of distorted figures, animal-human hybrids, and tree-hugs with spray cans. Influenced by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Elicser is a graduate of the Illustration program at Sheridan College, and has been producing and showing work in Toronto more than a decade. Elicser’s gallery practice often consists of free-form collages.


  1. Awesome murals! Juras was just in Edmonton. I love his work.

  2. Wonderful murals. I like the Kodak girl and Jimi Hendrix.

  3. The mermaids and the red dress girl are my favourites here.

  4. I really love Rochester. It is such an interesting city! Glad you caught all these murals. I love the scale and obv these are talented artists.


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