Monday, January 11, 2016

Where We Are - Guadalajara

January 2016 - Guadalajara Mexico

I am going to be photo lite as the connection here is very slow!!

We were up at 7 AM, had breakfast, finished packing, checked out and were in a taxi to the bus terminal by 8:15.
We had been told to be at the terminal at 9 AM for our 9:30 bus to Guadalajara. Being good gringos we were there by 8:30. There are no screens showing the bus departures or gates. Eventually we figured out that our bus would come into aisle 18. We were duly out there at 9, but no bus,Turistar did have a bus, but it was going to Culiacan. Basically people just asked each other.
Our bus arrived around 10, we were given a sandwich and a drink and then sat in our assigned seats.
Way bigger than on a plane, we each have our head sets and TV in seat in front of us. The seats recline all the way back.

Bathrooms are better than on a plane and are even divided from the cabin by a door. As well the driver is behind a door and curtain.

Driver stopped at an OXXO (think 7 Eleven) and a man was selling rosary beads and these icons.

As we leave Mazatlan.

These toll roads are very expensive, Carol tells me it costs $182 US one way with t e motor home.
This signpost is in pesos so divide by 12 for Cdn and 17 for US equivalent. However, there are are least six of these on our trip.

We make a stop in Tepic and this man was making roses.

A garden centre.

We pass by the town of Tequilla so there are many cactus farms in the area.

We got off the bus and got our luggage immediately, not like an airport, and stopped at the authorized yellow taxi booth. We stated our destination, paid 60 pesos (around $5 CDN) and a driver escorted us to his cab. Seems this 60 pesos was the price for the taxi's parking. All taxis in Guadalajara are metered.

The cost to our hotel was around $70 pesos or under $7, not bad at all.

Checked in to the Hotel Morales and explained we had two reservations which she combined and we were taken to our rooms. There will be lots more photos of this hotel because it is gorgeous.
We are in the heart of the historical district and across from the San Francisco church.

John making sure the TV is working.

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