Monday, June 22, 2015


April 2015 - Nashville TN

We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame on this trip, we had been to the old one way back in the early 90s. Click here for more photos of our day.

I just realized that this would give me plenty of song-ography ammunition!!!

I remember the Helen Reddy version of Delta Dawn more than Tanya Tucker's. It was best known as a 1972 top ten country hit for Tanya Tucker and a number-one hit for Helen Reddy in 1973.

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Webb Pierce's car

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  1. A bit different. Admittedly, I don't listen to much country music.

  2. I won tickets from CBC Radio to see Tanya Tucker at the Royal York many years ago. It was one of those phone in things where the 3rd call wins. She was actually quite good. One of the few things that I have ever won!

  3. I love to listen to country songs and music. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cool song - so not a country fan, but cool to hear some other genres!

  5. I used to listen to country music when I was in my teens. Wrote a couple of songs myself just because I enjoyed doing it, I'm not a professional songwriter by any means. Funny but even though they are not written down anywhere I can still sing them. I guess when they are yours, you don't forget. Do you remember when Tanya Tucker was in a relationship with Glenn Campbell? I didn't care much for Glenn or his music.

  6. I bet that was an interesting trip. I don't listen to much country but my daughter got me hooked an a few good songs.

  7. Song-ography ammunition is a good thing! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  8. Haha...Song-ography ammo! :) Love it! I remember Miss Tanya Tucker from her young hell-raising days with Glen Campbell. What a pair!
    I really like country music, and would LOVE to get myself to Nashville one of these days. Thanks for sharing at Song-ography.


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