Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cee's Which Way Challenge

Since Canada Day is July 1, I will post some Canadian and Toronto "Which Way" photos.

We start at the border crossing from the US into Canada - directional signs, CANADA sign and an Ontario license plate.

Hopefully you get across the border and won't need these services.

Sights as you head towards Toronto.
Burlington Canal lift bridge from the Skyway. The Burlington Canal Lift Bridge is located on the western shore of Lake Ontario on a site rich in history. The bridge spans the Burlington Canal that was opened in 1826. Once a narrow cut, the canal now provides Burlington Bay (Hamilton Harbour) with navigable access to the Atlantic Ocean.

Heading into Toronto towards home.

If you arrive by train into downtown Toronto then you may spot this very old sign in Union Station.

And if you arrive by bus, hopefully this doesn't happen.

Now that you've arrived in Canada's largest city, and North America's fourth largest city, let's have a
look at some public transportation.
You're going to want to visit some museums such as the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), you'll get out at the Museum subway station, but take your time and enjoy the gorgeous nods to history.

Check out the hieroglyphics within the letters of the sign.

By now you'll be hungry so head to Chinatown at the Spadina station.

Perhaps you're coming intp town for the 2015 Pan Am games.

You can hop on a streetcar and head over to the Eaton Centre at Dundas Square. The square is much more exciting than going shopping.

Or make a stop at City Hall before Dundas Square? The building with the clock is "old" City Hall, the water is in front of "new" City Hall. 

You never know what you might encounter!

You can cross at Dundas and Yonge using the Pedestrian Priority Phase. a feature that allows pedestrians to cross the road safely in any direction while traffic is stopped for all vehicles. In these selected intersections, a red light is shown to vehicles in all directions while the pedestrian "walk" sign is provided to pedestrians to travel in any direction they wish including diagonally across the intersection.

Then maybe the CN Tower and/or the Aquarium.

From the top of the CN Tower you can contemplate "Which Way" next?




South, perhaps a boat ride over to the Islands?

Or are you up for a  steep climb to Casa Loma?

Click for a peek inside and more here.

This is thirsty work!! Next stop, The Distillery District.

You can wander the pedestrian lanes of the District and choose a patio or restaurant that draws you in.

Or maybe it's time to head back home?

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  1. Love the hieroglyphics on that sign and the fountains, but I really would have to go up that tower for a 'proper' look around. :) Many thanks for joining me on the walks again! It's appreciated.

  2. Exciting stuff you've shared. I especially enjoyed the photo of the old and new....the city hall. Historical and modern blending in beautifully.

  3. The city's so alive in summer. Beautiful shots! I still prefer the Old City Hall to the current one.

  4. Toronto is not really in my travel plans but after seeing your photos I'm encouraged to go.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. Well there is plenty to see there. Happy Canada day.

  6. You have found some marvelous which ways for this week. Thanks ever so much for playing.

  7. I'd love to visit Canada some day, and I loved your photos. Happy Canada Day!

  8. Happy Canada Day eh. I had no idea you could have a neon sign advertising Criminal Record Removal. I've visited Canada twice -but both times last century :-(. I never got to Toronto though- I'd love to make it back sometime. I haven't seen your Metro stations before, they remind me quite a bit of Paris. And I love the Tardis dress/balloon girl but wonder at what she's up to.

  9. I enjoyed today's tour of Toronto. I knew it was a big city, but I didn't realize it was the 4th largest in North America. It looks like a terrific place to live with lots to do.
    My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

  10. I visited Toronto way back in 2006, when IRA was held there. What a great city! I rode to the top of the CN Tower and ate a yummy dessert up there. I was able to use public transportation to get everywhere, by riding variously on the subway, the bus, and the cable car. I remember most about the diversity...loved that!

  11. Visited Toronto once - at Christmas. Need to schedule a summer visit!
    Anabel's Travel Blog


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