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February 2015 - Bangkok Thailand

It was close to Lunar New Year when we arrived in Bangkok, we would end up in Ho Chi Minh City for the actual day. 

On the surface Bangkok is a big cosmopolitan city, much like any big city in the west, with a thin Thai flavour to it. But unlike most big cities there are small altars with food and flower offerings at most businesses and have flower offerings for good fortune.

Outside our hotel people leave offerings as well.

Directly across the street from our hotel we spotted this rather large shrine.

 Bright golden marigold garlands and incense are for sale nearby.

Erawan Shrine in Bangkok is Brahman, not strictly Buddhist. And yet, this famous shrine attracts more visitors than many of the city's temples. It was erected during the mid 1950s, after the Thai government had decided to build the luxury Erawan Hotel on this location. However, the first stages of the construction were beset with so many problems that superstitious labourers refused to continue unless the land spirits were appeased.

After consultations with astrologers, the erection of a shrine to honour the four-faced Brahma God, Than Tao Mahaprom, was considered to be an auspicious solution. A magnificent image of the Brahma God was especially cast and gilded, and The Erawan Hotel opened to acclaims and worldwide fame for three decades. 

Towards the end, the property could not compete with more modern facilities, and was replaced by the privately owned Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok in 1991. As the shrine was originally constructed to grace the old Erawan Hotel, the location became known as the Erawan Shrine.

The shrine houses a statue of Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of the Hindu creation god Brahma. 

Lotus flowers

A popular tourist attraction, it often features performances by resident Thai dance troupes, who are hired by worshipers in return for seeing that their prayers at the shrine answered.


  1. Completely out of my cultural experience, but fascinating!

  2. As always, loving your travel pictures! I am traveling vicariously with you.

  3. What a nice peek at Thailand. I've never been, even though it's relatively close for us. Such vibrant colours- the flowers and the make up on the dancers. I especially like the lotus buds.

  4. Love the travel photos....

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