Friday, November 7, 2014

Saturday Snapshot

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October 2014 - Toronto ON

We went to the Ripley Aquarium last week. We arrived around 4:30, knowing that the school buses and tours would be leaving. There wasn't any line up and they have automated ticket machines to get your tickets.

The lobby

As you enter

Downstairs, in the centre, is a play area for the little ones. You can take a break and then continue.

We took so many photos!
This was so peculiar looking that I took a photo of the sign to remember what the heck it was.

The highlight is being able to watch the fish swim over your head while standing on a very slow moving moving walkway. You can also just stroll along.


My favourite!

I named him Casper.

And of course you have to exit through the gift shop, which, however, did have some very nice items at reasonable prices.


  1. Amazing exhibits and photos! I'd be sure to visit the ned time I'm in Toronto.

  2. So nice to see all these very cool marine creatures without even going underwater!

    Here's my Saturday Snapshot!

  3. Gorgeous shots! Thanks for sharing and allowing us to enjoy your journey. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Beautiful photos. I especially enjoyed the anemone "forest." I enjoy visiting aquariums--such a fascinating array of creatures--and your pictures captured the inhabitants of this one beautifully.
    Here are my Saturday Snapshots.

  5. They are fabulous photos, especially the seahorses. I love seahorses! My Snapshot is not nearly as exotic

  6. What a great place to visit. My favourites are the anemones.

  7. I like to visit aquariums whenever I get an opportunity. I've never lived near the ocean, but I am enthralled with sea life. I am a Pisces....maybe that is why???:) Thanks for your wonderful photos.

  8. What beautiful photos!! I love going to aquariums!!

  9. I went to an aquarium this week too. They're always fascinating. Love the lion fish shot.