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Throwback Thursday - Erick OK

November 2012 - Erick OK

Erick, Oklahoma was founded in 1901 as a farming and ranching community. Later, oil and natural gas would influence the town. Hopes of a great natural gas boom died after World War II and the town began its slow decline. Erick is another Route 66 town that has fallen on hard times.

The town celebrates two of its famous sons with a museum and an avenue.
Sheb Wooley hails from Erick. He played Pete Nolan on the old TV series "Rawhide" and wrote and sang the famous song "Purple People Eater."

 Erick is also the home of Roger Miller, singer and songwriter, perhaps best known for his song "King of the Road." 

Just one block south of Roger Miller Boulevard in Erick’s oldest building, the old City Meat Market, can be found the one and only Sand Hill Curiosity Shop run by Harley and Annabelle - the Mediocre Musicians.


We were just poking around checking it out when Harley arrived and asked if we wanted to see inside. He mentioned that Annabelle was not feeling well so they weren't opening up that day.

I made sure John came in with me as it was a little dark and filled to capacity. 

Harley insisted on a photo.


  1. It does have the feel of a town fading into history. I have heard of both of those songs!

  2. Stuff, Stuff and more Stuff. Cool, Cool Cool. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. A wonderful presentation. Loved the old store with all the signs.

  4. Some great memorabilia here! [I love Roger Miller's songs!!]

  5. As a kid, I loved singing the Purple People Eater song and was always a Roger Miller fan. I saw him from the audience of a Mike Douglas Show once when I lived in Nashville, TN. During a commercial break he came into the audience and talked to us. He was a nice guy. As always, am enjoying your trip down Route 66. Harley is just too cool and his store is a pickers delight! Wonderful post. Thanks for linking up!

  6. I have been by here when trucking with Bill. Of course, we haven't been able to stop in....yet. Awesome!

  7. Wow! LOVE this place! Will have to check it out sometime. Love the old buildings, signs and memorabilia. LOVE Rt. 66 anyway. It's great fun! Nice learning where Roger Miller and Sheb Wooley are from, too. Wonderful post!

  8. I have family members who would love to poke around in that store. Thanks for sharing.


  9. So much to look at, I could get lost in a place like that for days!


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