Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 1 San Diego

February 2014 - San Diego CA

We drove from LAX to San Diego in intermittent rain. We opted for the toll road $6 US what a difference to toll roads in Mexico.

 Foggy as we approach the toll booth.

Then some blue skies as we approach San Diego.

Here is an overview of the city using the trolley tour map.

Our room wasn't ready when we checked in so we headed down to Horton Plaza where we could park for 3 hours free if we purchased something (according to the desk attendant at Worldmark). So I did my valiant best and got a pair of light blue denim leggings for $33 and a new dressing gown as I had dumped my other one in Mazatlan (tired of it).

We had a quick bite in the mall and then started wandering. As it turned out you no longer needed to purchase anything at Horton's for 3 hours free parking.

The extremely elegant US Grant Hotel.On October 15, 1910, with great pomp and circumstance, THE US GRANT opened her doors. Five years of construction in the heart of San Diego had built up a flurry of curiosity, a storm of excited press, and a staggering cost of $1.9 million.

 The area is known as the Gaslamp Quarter and it is16 square-blocks of Victorian-era buildings and modern skyscrapers housing more than 100 of the city's finest restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and retails shops, as well as offices and residential/work lofts.

 We didn't stop anywhere, just wandered. Around 3:30 we got a call that our room was ready. So we headed back to the car and in the time it took us to exit the lot the skies had opened.

We settled in for the duration. John ran out to get something from the car and he said it felt like someone ha poured a bucket of water on him.

We're at the Worldmark for $20 a night, a perk of timeshare ownership.

Ordered pizza for dinner, a perfect night in as the rain continued to lash at the windows.

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