Sunday, December 30, 2012

Las Vegas - Food

It is certainly strange to be spending the winter in Las Vegas. This is certainly an interesting place and there is a lot more to do than just hang out on the Strip.

We have been here for two weeks so far, over Christmas and New Year's.
Christmas Day we went to the Strip and were amazed at the number of people out and about, everywhere was crowded.
We came back to the condo and cooked our own turkey dinner a ten pound turkey for $11!!!

Eating and drinking along the Strip is very expensive, long gone are the days of cheap meals. An average beer is $11 + but if you go off the Strip or down to Fremont then the prices drop dramatically.

It is worth checking out Happy Hours.

People go crazy for the buffets, no matter the casino it was impossible to get into one on Christmas Day as people were willing to line up for ages.

Some of our favourite meals so far:

Best burger at Rattlecan in the Venetian, soooo juicy just the way I like a burger.

Best delivery pizza from Dine Inn.

Best pizza by far was at Romaine Course Caesar's Palace in the Cypress Street Marketplace. This was just like having a slice of pizza in Rome, thin crust and no tomato sauce. Loved it!! As you can see I had eaten half of it before we remembered to take a picture. We will definitely be going back here for another slice.
This is not an ordinary food court with the same old, same old tired restaurant chains; these are unique food vendors selling upscale food.It is even included in a Frommer's review.
I will be trying the Lobster Chowder Company and Ah So which sells Asian soups.

Best steak and lobster for the best price is at TGIF's in the Gold Coast and if you go between 3PM and 6PM (we just make it lupper after the movies where we have popcorn for lunch) then  it is only $13.99!! They cook your steak to order and the tail can be either grilled or steamed. You get your choice of potato and vegetables. We've had this twice in two weeks!!

We have reservations January 7 for Gordon Ramsey's Steak at Paris and we are really looking forward to it.

We also plan to eat at his Pub and Grill. We were going to go there on Friday as we were in Caesar's Palace but couldn't find it when we went back to look for it! It is located in the Forum Shops which is a massive place and really hard to find your way around.

Getting around:

We have been using the various shuttles offered by some of the casinos. We can take the Rio shuttle to either Harrah's or Bally's/Paris which is so convenient. When we were staying at the Wyndham they ran a shuttle from the timeshare to Harrah's as well.

The monrail is not cheap as one trip is $5, there is a daily pass at $12 if you are going to be traveling around all day.

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  1. dh and I were just talking tonight about how we would like to visit Las Vegas. We don't gamble but think it would be fun just to even people watch.



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