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Updated Jan 22 2019


We have always travelled during our working years using all our vacation time.


Russia 2011
Paris to Normandy 2012
Nicaragua 2012
Istanbul Turkey 2010
Greece 2010
England and Scotland 2010
China 2009
Egypt 2007
Northern Ireland and Ireland 2007
Big Island of Hawaii 2005
Ireland 2005 SHORT VERSION

John retired in 2010 and I retired in July 2011. We decided we were going to spend our winters somewhere warm while we could.


I was new to blogging and didn't do an annual recap.

I was still working when we took a Russian river cruise. Video here Russia 2011.

In the spring we flew to Myrtle Beach

SUMMER and I'm done working!
We flew to NYC for a few days.

In the fall we drove to New Bern NC with visits to Beaufort and Charleston.

In November we had an interesting adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii.


I wrote a recap of our travels in 2012 here.
The links will take you to either a video or a post of the trip.

We celebrated the new year in Nicaragua (video) and then went to Cancun in February.

In May we flew to Copenhagen Denmark for a few days before we flew to Budapest Hungary where we then boarded the MS Sound of Music with stops in Bratislava Slovakia, Vienna Austria, Melk Austria, Salzburg Austria, Regensburg Germany and Prague.

In August we took Avalon Paris to Normandy (video) cruise.

October we flew to Amsterdam for a few days before boarding another cruise to Basel Switzerland. with stops in Cologne Germany, Cochem Germany, Koblenz and Rüdesheim Germany, Mannheim and Speyer Germany, Strasbourg France.

We absolutely love European river cruises and I wrote a recap here for anyone considering trying one.

Winter 2012-13 we spent a couple of weeks in Sedona AZ, two months in Las Vegas, a couple of weeks in Mazatlan, a couple more around Sedona and then drove home.

Once home we didn't stay put for very long.

June saw us spend a few days in Niagara Falls with friends.

July we flew to Calgary to visit friends and go to the Stampede (frequent flyer points).

Also in July we drove to Grand Rapids Michigan for a few days.

Then in August we flew to Halifax Nova Scotia and a tour of Cape Breton for a week (frequent flyer points).

We spent the weekend at home and then flew to New York City with friends for a few days in September.

Another driving trip at the end September to Columbus Ohio for the Blake Shelton concert (a birthday gift from my husband).

We did many day trips around Toronto to places we had never been!2013 in retrospect.

2013-14 winter saw us drive from Toronto to Florida for three weeks, one at Disney to celebrate my BFF's 60th birthday and two in Fort MyersWe then drove to Las Vegas and met up with friends who then went with us to  Mazatlan for New Year's. 

We stayed in Mazatlan for two months and took a side trip to Durango.

We flew back to LA, picked up our car and drove to San Diego for a couple of weeks and then a week in Baja California

Met up with friends in Las Vegas for St. Patrick's Day and then headed east with stops in Lafayette LA and Mobile AL

Friends met us in Myrtle Beach for John's birthday. Then back home to Toronto.

We headed to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island for a couple of weeks. 
We then flew to Washington DC for a few hot days.
Here is a recap of our 2014.

Winter 2014 -2015 was an amazing journey!!

We started off in December 2014 driving across to Las Vegas and stayed there until the end of January 2015 when we started quite the travels.

On The Road Again

January 30 and we drove our car to LA before our travels!

First to Singapore where I have a friend, then to Bangkok and we joined a Mekong River Cruise through Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. From there we flew to Australia (video) and then New Zealand (video). WOW what a trip!!
Back in LA and we picked up our car and drove back to Toronto spending time in Las Vegas, Fort Worth Texas, Austin Texas, Memphis TN, Nashville TN.

September saw us in Ireland with my BFF and husband, on their first trip there.
We did all the highlights starting in Dublin, Newgrange, Cork, Killarney, Dingle, Dromoland, Galway and back to Dublin where our friends went home.

John and I continued to Berlin and Frankfurt Germany.

October - we headed to Palm Springs CA for a couple of weeks.

The end of 2015 found us flying to LA to spend three months in Mexico, two weeks at El Cid in Mazatlan.
Here is a recap of 2015, what a year!

We started 2016 in Mazatlan.

Then we travelled to Guadalajara with side trips to Tequila before spending  a month in San Miguel de Allende which included a day trip to Dolores HidalgoGuanjuanto was an unplanned trip before going back to Guadalajara for a few days and then moving onto Puerto Vallarta for a month. We got back to Toronto in March.

Flew home to the coldest part of winter!
Click here for our 2015-2016 Mexican Sojourn.

John headed to Pittsburgh PA with a friend for the US Open.

Rochester NY was our next trip in July.

September and we headed to Minneapolis as John had tickets for the Ryder Cup and his friend cancelled so I went along.
Toronto to Kalamazoo then on to Milwaukee and to Minneapolis MN and then Madison WI to Owasso.

In October we drove to Williamsburg VA for a week.

We left Dec 7 for Winter 2016 and drove to Orlando Florida for 4 weeks. We spent a few days in St. Augustine as well.
Click here to see our 2016 recap.


2017 and the first week was spent in Florida before we headed west with stops in Panama City, a few nights in San Antonio TX, and two weeks in Las Vegas.
January 29 we drove to LA and then flew to Mazatlan for six weeks.

We were supposed to be at Royal Villas for four weeks but only stayed two and moved to Pueblo Bonito for other two weeks. Torres Mazatlan for one night before moving to El Cid Marina for 18 days.

Back in Los Angeles for a few days in March. Then a week or so around California including Monterey (17 Mile Drive), Carmel, Solvang (Hearst Castle), San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield. A few days in Las Vegas before starting the drive home.

September and we took the ultimate road trip going across the US to the west coast and then east across Canada.

Click here to get ALL the details of this trip! VIDEO 2017 Road Trip

In November we took an impulse couple of weeks to drive to Boca Raton FL for our wedding anniversary. We spent some time in Daytona Beach and Savannah GA as well.

We spent December at home in Toronto!!!

2018 started in Montreal and Niagara Falls ON before we flew to LA and then Mazatlan for a month in Torres Mazatlan.

We spent a long weekend in Stratford ON for my birthday.

We took a few extra days to spend in Montreal.

Spain was our destination in November. We visited Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Granada, Valencia, and Barcelona.
Click here for all the details.

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