Wednesday, November 30, 2016

December City Theme

This month's theme is TRANSITIONS -  Linking up with City Daily Photo.

November 2016 - Toronto ON

This one's for William, yes, Union Station is STILL under renovations!

I took these this week.

Considering the number of people who have passed through Union Station, the edifice has held up well. But the almost century-old facility is showing its age: much of it is in disrepair — peeling paint, cracked, damaged floors, leaky roofs and tired-looking passenger concourses that evoke the 1970s — space is used inefficiently, and the facility no longer meets the needs of today’s commuters.

The original entrance to the train platforms, I'm assuming they will leave this as is.

Union Station's revitalization is a $640-million initiative supported by investments of $164 million from the Government of Canada, $172 million from the Government of Ontario, and $340 million from the City of Toronto.

 Everywhere you look, inside and outside work is being done.

Union Station's revitalization will result in many benefits to commuters, including bigger, brighter transit concourses, more exits and entrances to the station, new PATH connections, repair and rehabilitation of an aging facility, and the introduction of an exciting and revitalized retail presence.

York concourse was finished last summer in time for the Pan Am Games and is a much brighter, more efficient space.


  1. Still not finished :-( I love the clock. It was a slow dawning for me when I was there as to what PATH actually is.

  2. These renovations are wonderful -- after they are finished. They are a pain when the renovation is in process. Great photos.