Monday, November 14, 2016

Barbados Treasures

Tom hosts Tuesday's Treasures.

November 1981 - Barbados

More tripping down memory lane. This trip was a week in Barbados and a week in St.Lucia. I will cover Barbados this week.

Imagine $899 per person flights and hotel for two weeks!!

Spending time in Bridgetown.

Rose Hall

A boat cruise.

Flying fish on the beach.


  1. i always love your trips down memory lane! it would be fun to go back and recreate all these photos!

  2. Jackie, we went to Barbados over New Years for a wedding years ago. What a colorful place! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I've never been to St. Lucia, I can't wait.

  3. Looks like a fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  4. That's almost $2,300 in 2016 $, although it seems like not much when we look back {sigh}

  5. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane to Barbados. And the quote on your header - me too! Happy travels.

  6. Hi love, really enjoyed going back to Barbados, and remember the flying fish, which were delicious. Brings back memories of the cameras with film,however not the cost to process. Prefer digital big time.