Friday, May 17, 2013

My Recipe Box - Breadmaker Jam


I am reposting from 2010 as this week's topic at Carole's Chatter is jam.

The photo makes me smile as it is our old kitchen and I hadn't got my Kitchen-aid mixer yet.

Just came across this recipe for raspberry cream cheese muffins.

It sounded so good that I immediately looked in the freezer to see if I had any raspberries and only found strawberries. Since the recipe called for raspberry preserves (and we never have jam in the house) I remembered that a few years ago our neighbour C had so many apricots we didn't know what to do.

I found a recipe for jam made in the breadmaker  and we used up all the apricots.

 I didn't find any raspberries but did have strawberries so I thought I would make the buns and substitute strawberry preserves for raspberries. The strawberries are defrosting and I will make this tonight in preparation for making the buns in the morning got up early and made the jam not realizing that it took an hour and a half in the breadmaker.

So we are finally eating these at 10am. I also realized I didn't have enough strawberry jam. Necessity is the Mother of Invention so I took some frozen blueberries out of the freezer, microwaved them, mashed them and swirled them through half the muffins.
I used my medium muffin pan that makes 12 and then had enough dough to make 7 more.

Strawberry Jam (Bread Machine) 
This came in my bread machine's user book Black and Decker All in One Deluxe Horizontal.  You can also substitute any other berries for this jam. 

3 cups strawberries(fresh or frozen thawed)  I used frozen and only had 1 cup
3/4 cups sugar I used 1/4 cup
1 tablespoon lemon

If frozen, thaw completely. 
Put berries and sugar into pan of machine. 

Follow the directions for your machine for the jam cycle. And DO follow their direction to prevent splatter, form a 2" wide collar out of foil to put around the upper rim of baking pan to keep centre section open. I didn't and now will have to use a lot of elbow grease to clean up the splatters which have dried throughtout the machine.

Muffins on my grandmother's plate. They were good but not the best ever.

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