Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 2 - London

Again photos have to wait...due to technical difficulties.

Sunday was bright and sunny! Grabbed the bus outside the hotel down to Trafalgar Square where we then walked to Westminster Pier and boarded the Thames River cruise to Tower of London.
Visited the Tower then to lunch at the Hung, Drawn and Quartered pub.
Time to visit the Tower Bridge and climb all those steps to the top! Lots of huffing and puffing.
Great walk along the Thames and then over to St. Pauls, as it was Sunday we couldn't climb to the top as planned. Service was taking place and it eas a female minister.
Long stroll back to hotel, with a pub stop at Leister Square. Then dinner around the corner from the hotel, Italian, interesting but certainly not very good.
Some internet time and we were off Monday to Windsor Castle, Stonehege and Bath!


  1. How long are you in the UK for? Good to see you got the pint you said you wanted on arrival! If you want any tips on other things to do in london, let me know! xxx

  2. We're in Liverpool leaving for Edinburgh today. We're here until June 13. In edinburgh till June 6 then back to England then in London from June 10-13.

  3. Oh my gosh all that walking. Somebody get me a stroller!


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