Saturday, May 26, 2018

Playing Dress Up

May 2018 - Toronto ON

I was lucky to stumble upon this two day exhibit at City Hall. I saw this again when John and I went to Doors Open on Saturday.

In partnership with CAFTCAD (Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design)

Enjoy this rare display of original costumes from notable film and television productions created by members of CAFTCAD (Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design). The displays include a variety of costumes from different genres including Academy Award winning film “The Shape of Water”, iconic sci-fi series “Star Trek: Discovery”, the distinct red uniform from “The Handmaid’s Tale”, the villain from horror franchise “Saw”, the vampire apocalypse series “The Strain”, the popular children’s television series “Odd Squad”, teen dance series “Backstage”, and period television productions “Anne With An E” and “Murdoch Mysteries”.

A finished costume takes a whole team to design, research, source, build, fit, alter, age, distress, decorate, dress, maintain, and document. The Costume Department of any film or television production consists of a talented group of artists and technicians. This exhibit of costumes represents hundreds of hours of work behind the scenes to help characters come to life on screen.


  1. Some really out there clothing! Good that you were able to catch this.

    You might want to stop by the Toronto Reference Library branch- they have an exhibit on at present about Canada and comic books. Library and Archives Canada exhibited it here a couple of years back.

  2. ...dress up for me is clean jeans and teeshirt.


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