Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Finds

1. Starts with X
2. Week's Favorite
3. Lights
The first two will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second can be a favorite image or activity from the week. The third will be different each time.

Friday Finds   ABC Wednesday

Letter X - is a generic Toronto street photo. A driver must stop when the street crossing sign is flashing.

Week's Favourite - when we were going through Roanoke I wanted to find this to get a photo.
I see it every week at Tanya Breese's blog, Around Roanoke.


I saw the 108 foot tree at the Eaton Centre this week.


  1. Jackie, I've never seen this style traffic lights. Tanya's H&C Coffee sign is great, perhaps I should head down to Roanoke. WOW, what lights.

    1. Tom, as a pedestrian, I would NEVER cross at one of these crosswalks, drivers are never paying attention.

  2. Interesting traffic signals. That is a great sign in Roanoke. Beautiful tree--so many tiny lights! Have a great week!

  3. Tanya's coffee sign is great - what an eye-catching piece of advertising! The lights on the Eaton Centre tree are gorgeous. It's funny because I was just telling someone yesterday about the animated windows that used to be on display in downtown Toronto. My parents would take me every year when I was a child. Eaton's, Simpson's, and some other big stores had cute displays with little animated animals and elves and whatnot. Not sure if they do that anymore in any of the big shops - Eaton's and Simpson's are long gone of course. Does the Eaton's Centre still have the geese in the skylight? I remember going there just after it opened and I was dazzled by it all!

    1. I also remember the incredible window displays in Eaton's and Simpson's in Montreal, but the best was Ogilvy's.

      Someone said I had to see The Bay windows this year but when I looked it was all mannequins dressed in fancy (expensive) dresses nothing festive to me.

  4. I am so impressed that you found the coffee sign that Tanya has on her blog! I love it! That tree is just amazing. That is certainly a lot of lights. Thanks so much for joining in. Have a great week!

  5. oh how fun! i love your picture of it! thank you so much for thinking about me and the sign :) i wish we could have met up while you were here, perhaps another trip! i am trying to find the link to your roanoke trip, can you send it to me when you have a chance? i'd love to see it! thank you and merry christmas and happy new year!!


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