Saturday, December 5, 2015

inSPIREd Sunday

I feel like I've run out of church photos so I took a trip through my archives and discovered this little gem.

August 2013 - Mabou Nova Scotia

A religious shrine, found in a charming miniature church which was moved from its original location in 1967 by the Brothers of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows. The small white church was repaired and restored and was officially opened as a Shrine in July of 1968, dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows and the brave pioneers of the Mabou area.

 Interesting Stations of the Cross.


  1. i love the tiny church. so cool that it has a monster sized twin. cutie!! love your Christmas Santa header. ( :

  2. That certainly is a pretty little church. I love the cross-shaped light shining on the pavement.
    I tried to find a translation for the wooden sign written in Gaelic, but no joy so far....


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