Monday, February 27, 2017

Tuesday Treasures

Tom hosts Tuesday's Treasures.

November 2006 - Area 51 Nevada

In Southern Nevada, just on the other side of Groom Lake, lies a military base that has been in question ever since its establishment by the US government back in the early 50's. Rumors about Area 51 run rampant throughout the whole United States. From flying saucers, aliens, to secret government projects, there are all kinds of stories.

Surrounding the secret military base are several signs like the one on the left, stating you are entering a Restricted Area. *AND* if you enlarge the sign, you will see in RED PRINT on the Very bottom of the sign reads bluntly: Use of Deadly Force Authorized!

I really wanted to get a photo of that sign, but once we drove up to the fenced area, I chickened out as I could see the armed guards patrolling the area from above us.

While easy to get to, you still have to prepare. You definitely don't want to wander onto the base by accident. The security guards won't care that you are a UFO fan who is visiting just for fun. Even though you don't see much, the drive is still interesting because of the mystery surrounding Area 51.

Look what happened on this tour!

I am including a video I found as the US Government had for years stated that Area 51 does exist. I'm so glad as I wondered how I had these photos in my possession.

Photos below are my property!

They do exist!!!


  1. That's absolutely fascinating. Who wouldn't be interested that - not just UFO fans or conspiracy theorists! I don't suppose you could point out to the guards that, as a tax payer, they actually work for you? Ergo, the land is also owned by every American citizen? Desolate looking place, though. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Lovely photos - thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  3. It would be an interesting place to see. Especially with it's background.

  4. I can see how sneaking onto an active military base would be ill advised. I really like the photo of the tow truck carrying off the Flying Saucer.

  5. Such a stark area!

    I don't imagine military guards have much of a sense of humour about wandering onto that stretch of land.

  6. ...well Jackie, you put a smile on my face today! You have such a wonderful out of this world collection. Thanks so much for sharing,


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