Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh, the PLACES I've been!

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Posting at The Tablescaper's weekly meme Oh, the PLACES I've been!

I'm going to do some posts about some places we've stayed over the years.

April 2006 - Moab Utah

A great B & B


  1. That does look like a nice B&B. When I was a kid we lived in Price, Utah, not too far away from Moab. Moab was considered to be a pretty tough place with all the Uranium miners and oilfield trash hanging out there. Here I am 50 years later and Moab is a vacation destination with B&B's and I am oilfield trash.

  2. What a pretty B&B! It looks very elegant and comfortav

  3. looks great, I would also love to stay and visit Moab someday

  4. Hi Jackie,

    So sweet and charming! Love those green chairs and the checkered fabric! A very bright and pretty room!



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