Monday, July 30, 2012

Blue Monday

I'm linking up over at Blue Monday today.
This is the original site of McDonald's (owned by the McDonald brothers), which opened as the Airdrome in 1940 and converted to the first McDonald's in 1948. It was here that Ray Kroc tried to sell Dick and Mac McDonald a MixMaster in 1954 and ended up buying their name.
Taken in San Bernardino, California when we decided to take a drive down Route 66.


  1. I'm so old, I can remember buying a hamburger for 15 cents.

    Happy Blue Monday, Jackie.

  2. I remember the Mac tonight commercial.

    My Blue.

  3. Hello Mr. Blue Moon:)

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  4. I can remember 15 cent burgers in the 60's! am I that old?

  5. How times have changed. You cannot buy anything for 15 cents.

  6. wow, a burger for 15 cents. must be a big burger before then. my DH told me that the 1 burger today is getting smaller and smaller. Hope you can stop by at my blog: Blue Monday.

  7. Just gorgeous! Late visit from Blue Monday. Come aand see my BLUE, when you get a chance. Your comment will be greatly appreciated!


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