Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sculpture Davisville

August 2017 - Toronto ON

The Al Green Sculpture park supposedly includes 18 statues and is located on Davisville Avenue, as well as in the immediate vicinity. It was founded by the entrepreneur (and later sculptor) Abraham "Al" Green, a project developer in Toronto, who was responsible for building the many apartment buildings on Davisville. His company was co-responsible for the choice of images produced by some sculptors for the district.

We didn't find 18, nor can I find names for some of them online.

Double You- Kosso Eloul, 1970

   Al Green

When I posted this in my weekly recap I had no idea who had done them.
The name makes sense!

Landing Sculpture- Carl Lander, 1970

Grande Odalisque (1) - Sorel Etrog, 1965

Touching Heaven Al Green

Guitar Player Al Green

Embrace Al Green

People Helping People Al Green

Homage to a Higher Power - Al Green

Leaning Torso - Al Green

Square Spiral - Al Green

Skysearch - Green/Kantaroff, 2000

Wind Bird - Sorel Etrog, 2003

Alat - Kosso Eloul, 1972

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